The Best TVs in Philippines 2018

With over 50 different kinds of TVs to choose from in Metro Manila, we’ve taken the time to help rank the Best TVs in Philippines in terms of price, quality, and value.

This list is based on how each TV should be considering budget, size of the room, and desired screen quality. For Philippines, the best TV we found was the Ace 32″ Slim LED TV (₱ 5,899.00) for it’s low price, quality screen for most room sizes.

The Best Value TV


Ace 32″ Slim LED TV

A 720p flat screen television for under ₱6,000. This TV provides great quality for the price.
₱5,899.00 from Lazada


The Ace 32″ Slim LED TV is the cheapest TV we’ve found available, but this doesn’t mean that the price shows in it’s quality. It’s rated 4.1 out of 5 on Lazada with over 4,200 reviews, showing the quality that this TV brings with its price tag. Now at 32″ inches, this may seem a bit small, but it’s perfectly capable for most small room sizes especially if you have a small living room.

When you look at the TV up close you may notice some jagged edges because its resolution is at 720p but this smoothens when you go to your regular viewing distance. Now optimal viewing distance for 32″ – 40″ displays is around 2 meters so plan your layout accordingly.

Overall the Ace 32″ Slim LED TV is a great buy for the family or for your personal small/mid-sized television.

Best 40″ TV

Ace 40″ Slim HD TV

HD resolution 40″ TV for ₱10,000. Ace quality branded.
10,999.00 from Lazada



If 32″ isn’t quite large enough for you then we suggest you take a look at it’s larger version the Ace 40″ Slim HD TV.

The only actual difference here is the monitor size but that added screen space makes a huge difference in the viewing experience for games & movies. Resolution is the same as the 32″ version but it’s speakers are better than the 32″ Ace TV. Reviews on Lazada seem promising but at only 8 reviews on its Lazada listing, I suggest that you be wary in purchasing it and be ready to file for a refund if necessary.

Why we chose the top 2

Selecting the right TV to purchase comes down to screen quality, price, & room size for most people. The Ace TV had the best ratings in Lazada for those TVs purchased in Philippines, it also had the right price point to be attractive enough to beat the other competition, all while being a flat screen tv with 720p. Overall this makes it the best TV you can buy in Philippines.


The Best TV in Philippines

Ace 32″ Slim LED TV (₱5,899.00)




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